Friday, December 12, 2008

Design & Multimedia projects

Flash Brochure edits + 2 New Flash Brochures
More than $1000
We have a mock up of an animated flash product "brochure" (basically a product guide with a quiz at the end so that it can double as an e-learning module) that is mostly done. We need some edits made ... more Redesign
Graphic Design
More than $1000
We are looking to redesign The current design is too text heavy and we are not getting expected conversions. We wish to utilize flash, html, visual, audio and animation to quickly ... more

Character and background for Elearning Portal
Other - Design
More than $1000
We need an excellent character designer to redo our characters to referesh the look and feel of our site This is an educational site having Literacy, Numeracy and Science. Kindly go We ... more

More than $1000
THIS IS A WORK FOR HIRE Vendor to develop 50 electronic dance music songs that use new wave, funk, futuristic, asian, gregorian chant, r&b, spanish and innovative sounds. (not in the same song) -- You... more

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