Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buying a House in Maryland or Virginia

If you're buying a home in Maryland or Virginia, there are certain factors you need to be aware of.

You'll need a reputable Southern Maryland or King George Virginia title company, title attorney or real

estate settlement company.

In both Maryland and Virginia home sales, home sellers are bound by what's known as fiduciary duty.

That means someone selling a house in either of these states needs to fully disclose any past problems

with the home such as sewer and water defects, termite infestation or improper property drainage.

There are many problems that could be invisible to the naked eye – you won't always be able to notice

these defects just by looking at the property.

When you find a Maryland or Virginia house you want to buy, you'll need to sign a purchase

agreement. This covers all aspects of the transaction, including home escrow closing, closing

conditions, and the condition of the Maryland or Virginia home at the time of the house sale.

Before you sign, however, you should get a thorough home inspection to rule out any potential

problems. Southern Virginia and Southern Maryland home inspections are done by licensed inspectors,

who can find problems in the foundation, roof, insulation, ventilation and much more. For Maryland

radon testing or Virginia radon testing, there will be an additional charge. Similarly, for Maryland and

Virginia termite inspections and septic inspections you will pay a fee above and beyond the regular


When you buy a home in Maryland or Virginia, your title attorney (through the title company) has to

do a title search. This title work will let you know if the home seller has any liens against his or her

property. These liens could include outstanding mortgages, property tax or court payments and must be

paid by the home seller before the settlement can take place.

You'll pay closing costs during closing of your new home. Closing is when all the final papers are

looked over and verified, and both the Maryland or Virginia home seller and home buyer sign the

necessary papers. These escrow costs include the title search by the title attorney, processing fees, and

home inspection fees. In Maryland and Virginia, who pays which costs is often negotiated between the

home seller and home buyer.

You must sign a promissory note when buying a home in Maryland or Virginia with a loan. This

promises that you will pay back what you've borrowed from the bank for your mortgage. Also, if you

put less than 20% down for your home mortgage, you will need to have private mortgage insurance in

Maryland or Virginia. This protects the lender in case you default on your mortgage loan, and is

usually added to monthly payments of the loan.

Your King George Virginia or Southern Maryland real estate settlement company can assist you with

everything you need for the title search and escrow closing. Once you've finished all of the inspections,

title searches and paperwork, you're ready to take possession of your new Maryland or Virginia property.

Connie Fuksa is the owner of Foote Title Group, a real estate settlement, title company located in

Waldorf, Southern Maryland and King George, Virginia.

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